Miramar Wallpaper Installation – Best Wallpapers for Miramar, FL [2021]

Are you looking to freshen up your Florida home? Get inspiration from this list of expertly curated wallpapers that fit perfectly with the playful, tropical aesthetic that is Miramar, Florida.

Did you know that Miramar—nestled nearly 5 miles from the shoreline—actually means “view of the sea” in Spanish? Although not quite beachfront property, our town founder decided to name Miramar after the Cuban neighborhood that he lived in. We don’t really blame him though. After all, any glimpse of our Atlantic Ocean is truly a sight to behold.

You can’t go wrong with Florida’s beautiful turquoise waters and sugar white sands, but if you’re looking for wallpaper inspiration, Miramar has a lot more to offer.

As the Miramar wallpaper installation experts, the wallpapers we include in this list are timeless, quality, and best suited for Miramar’s humid climate. Although we love a good trendy design, we also recommend picking wallpapers that will age well, unless you want to install new wallpaper every 5-7 years.

If you don’t know how much wallpaper you need, or if you’d like help choosing the right wallpaper design for you, give us a call! We do wallpaper installation in Miramar, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, and all of South Florida. Our number is 754-247-1186.

Wallpapers with Beautiful Miramar Greenery

Miramar has so many trees that in April of 2020, the city was awarded a $20,000 grant from the State of Florida Forestry Division so that it could count and assess ALL the trees in public areas of Miramar! They mapped over 8,000 trees. That’s a lot of trees, considering Miramar is only 31 square miles.

Bring the lovely lush outdoors inside with these Florida-inspired wallpaper prints.

Iridescent Plant Leave Light Grey and White Wallpaper – Galerie

To begin, we’ll look at a very peaceful and mild print that shimmers in the light. This is a great wallpaper to brighten up any room in your home. You seriously can’t go wrong with this one if you’re wanting a light and airy look! This is a vinyl wallpaper, making it especially hearty against molding in the Florida humidity. Vinyl is also incredibly easy to clean.

El Morocco Palm White Off White Wallpaper – Antonina Vella

There are several color variations of this pleasant palm wallpaper for home, including a purple, blue, brown, black, dark green, and white versions. With all the options to choose from there’s bound to be one that will work with your current color scheme. We chose this one because it is most likely to match any Miramar home, but if you are bold, go take a look at their other colors.

We’re pretty sure these are Ti tree leaves and not palm leaves! Don’t you think they look more similar to the ti plant? (pictured below)

Paradise Palm Light green Wallpaper – Candice Olson

No tropical wallpaper list would be complete without the classic monstrata and palm frond leaves. This is a truly timeless look that happens to be very trendy right now, from Miramar to Manhattan.

Wallpapers Celebrating Miramar’s Diverse Cultures

Miramar has a rich tapestry of cultures. 41% of Miramar is white, and the majority 59% are a beautiful mix of people from around the world.

Miramar is home to some of the highest numbers in the USA of Jamaicans, Dominicans, Hattians, Trinidadians, Cubans, and Columbians. Of course we also love our latinx family, who make up 36% of our population!

Getting “island-inspired” or “Mexican-inspired” designs from white folks does little to help out the marginalized cultures those designs came from. The best way to support black and brown cultures is to buy directly from BIPOC (black, indigenous people of color) creators. Although we don’t have any melanated wallpaper creators who live here in Miramar (let us know if you know somebody!), here are a few of our favorite designs from people of color.

Jamaican Stripes – Shakeeta Draper

The yearly Jamaican Independence Day celebration is always tons of fun in Miramar! Celebrate Jamaica all year long with this bold and stately print from Shakeeta Draper. Whether you’re from Jamaica or you have simply fallen in love with the island nation, this non-pasted traditional pebble wallpaper will be right at home in your living room or as an accent wall anywhere in your house. Non-pasted wallpaper is best for Miramar. It allows the use of a little extra wallpaper paste during installation so the wallpaper doesn’t peel in the humidity.

Afro Picks – Nalo Hopkins

This is a perfect bathroom print if we’ve ever seen one. Enjoy these ornate picks as you do your own hair in the morning. This wallpaper is from Nalo Hopkins, who has created a whole host of amazing Afrocentric and Afropunk designs.

Papel Picado in White – Chula Chulita

Papel picado is a Mexican art of cutting or chiseling designs in as many as 50 sheets of paper at once. This creates beautiful banners used in many celebrations, from birthdays to Easter. Miranda Magaña of Chula Chulita designs makes this beautiful wallpaper as well as fabric designs.

Wallpapers Repping Florida Sports Teams

Florida has no shortage of sports teams. We have professional teams in Football, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball and more. But with Miramar being so close to the Miami Dolphins and the Miami Heat, we can’t help but to root for our favorite local teams! Sorry if your team did not make it onto this list. Miramar Wallpaper just loves football and our Miami Dolphins!

Beach House Grasscloth Wallpaper – Seabrook

The turquoise of the Miami Dolphins is such a beautiful color. It was hard to choose just one turquoise wallpaper! Grass cloth is one of our favorite wallpaper materials because of its versatility. It can really look good in just about any room. The only room we don’t recommend it for is the bathroom. Shower steam can degrade grass cloth over time.

3D Dolphin Wallpaper Mural

No wallpaper home list would be complete without a mural. While some murals can be cartoonish and overpower a room, this gentle watercolor-style mural adds both peace and play to your home or business. Don’t sacrifice aesthetics for team colors! Love on your Miami Dolphins in a subtle way. This allows your house to look natural. Wallpapers can more difficult to install due to the precision it takes to line up the sheets. Definitely hire a quality wallpaper installation expert if you plan on installing a wallpaper mural in Miramar.

Wallpapers Taming Florida’s Wildlife

Melville Green Wallpaper – Cole and Son

Our favorite thing about this wallpaper is that it is detailed, but not overwhelming. The pastel tones and light lines allow for your home to speak for itself. This turtle and whale wallpaper is perfect for any scuba diver or nature lover to adorn their home with some of Miramar’s favorite animals. Inspire yourself and your guests with the beauty of the Atlantic ocean.

Tortoise Taupe Gold Wallpaper – Antonina Vella

This tortoise shell styled abstract wallpaper can remind you of your favorite animal, while still leaving room for your interior design creativity. A darker wallpaper like this goes best as an accent wall behind a bed or couch. It can also work as a full-room wallpaper in any more serious rooms, like a study.

Everglades Coral Flamingos Wallpaper – Chesapeake Bay

How could we leave behind the colorful flamingo? We can’t! But sometimes it’s hard a find a flamingo wallpaper that isn’t to in-your-face. This is a gentler version of the hot pink that can overwhelm your home. The watercolor style lends itself to timelessness, so this flamingo wallpaper will never go out of style in your Miramar home.

Miramar Wallpaper Installation Services

There’s a surprising amount that goes into installing wallpaper. This is why people like us dedicate our whole career out of it! We know how to install ALL types of wallpaper, including pre-pasted, unpasted, paste-the-wall, and pell-and-stick. We can also install any wallpaper material such as grass cloth, vinyl, silk, commercial grade wallpaper, and more.

Not sure how much wallpaper you need? Need to know what to do to prepare your walls for wallpaper? Miramar Wallpaper can help! We’ll walk you through all the steps, even if you aren’t choosing our service for your Miramar wallpaper installation needs.

Give us a call at 754-247-1186, or visit our contact page.

Thanks for reading and we hope this article gave you some inspiration!

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