Wallpaper Repair

DIY wallpaper repair, or have us come to your Miramar, Hollywood, or South Florida home and repair wallpaper for you.

Fix peeling wallpaper

Do it yourself, or hire us to take care of it for you

South Florida humidity can peel wallpaper, especially if it was not installed correctly. If you find your wallpaper is peeling, it's important to quickly repair it.

This can easily be done with a few supplies. But if the spot is hard to reach or you do not have the time, give us a call!

Scroll down for our quick summary of how to repair wallpaper. Or watch this video on wallpaper repair.

If your wallpaper is a lost cause, we can help you completely remove it and start over.

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Wallpaper repair

  • Won't happen with us, but here's what to do

    No air bubbles here! Long lasting beauty is our grantee. Wallpaper is best replaced every 2-15 years, depending on the quality, composition, and design.

  • Quick Fix

    Is your wallpaper peeling, but you want it to stick around? This is common in the humidity and can happen to old house. Wallpaper olde than 15 years can crack and bubble around windows, doors, and at the seams. Maybe it was not installed properly had developed air bubbles, oooooor maybe it got bumped into and ripped (oops!). Don't worry, it's usually an easy fix.

  • Dust

    Dust out any debris on the peeling corner. If any plaster has crumbled away, now is a good time to fill in any damage with a drywall putty. Allow that to dry.

  • Re-glue

    Paint the glue on the back of exposed wallpaper. Allow to dry and look polished once again!

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